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This website aims to provide a simple, searchable database of articles related to local humanitarian assistance. This database is for anyone attempting to design programs, policy, or new research based on the available evidence. The Feinstein International Center built and maintains this evolving database.

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Andrew, Charlet (Forced Migration Review journal)
Featherstone (CAFOD, Action Aid, Tearfund, Islamic Relief)
Nils Cartensen, Simon Russell, Nagwa Musa Konda, Leila Karim Tima Kodi, Jennifer S Rosenberg, Eugenie Mukandayisenga, Saeed Rahman, Simran Chaudhri, Lindsay Stark, Mark Canavera, Margee Ensign, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, more (Forced Migration Review)
Hapseslash, Yusuf (Conciliation Resources)
Sipayung (Forced Migration Review)
Author unspecified (Charter4Change)
Buchanan-Smith (Feinstein International Center, ODI)